About Us

Cynthia and Leanne met several years ago when they worked at a wellness spa together. They quickly discovered that they shared similar passions for fashion and helping others. Out of this mutual passion, Shopmode was born!

Leanne has since retired and Cynthia continues Shopmode -  a pop-up boutique that brings to you a unique shopping experience.  You and your friends can shop in the comfort of your own home or stop by one one of our pops ups in the Metro area.

We specialize in small boutique clothing lines that are designed for comfort and style at an affordable price as well as accessories, candles and soaps. Some brands we carry are Mystree, VeronicaM, MRena, KUT, Hem & Thread, Umgee, She & Sky, and Aryeh. We love to help women discover the style that makes them feel and look their best!

To learn more, visit the Contact Us page.