The majority of the messages I receive are:
“What size do I need?”
“How is this supposed to fit?”
“Do you think sizing up will allow more length?”
“How can I make this size work?”

I get it. I’ve been there so many times & trust me, I get defeated too. It’s the hardest question to answer & truthfully, it’s the hardest part about fashion.

Every designer has their own “cut”, their own size chart & their own number sequence that we would all hope would stay universal. It’s becoming clearer as we move into the modern world, clothes are getting smaller & the number sizes are increasing. Why. Whyyy. It’s frustrating.

Let’s break this down really easy.

1. NEVER use the sample model & their description of sizing & height for reference. 9 times out of 10, it’s incorrect & is the same copy & paste from style to style.

2. Always scroll to find out more information on sizing in the description. The fit, fabric, style & design will always depict the actual size you need.

3. When in doubt, measure yourself for the specific style or item you are trying to buy. You can never go wrong with knowing your actual size even though you may cringe every time like I do. 😀

5. Do not feel overwhelmed when you measure two sizes larger in a style than you normally wear. Number has no bearing on who you are & truthfully, baby got back is the new look.

4. If you are in between sizing, I always suggest the next size available. The best part about a piece being big, alterations are a girls best friend as opposed to a size too small & realizing your favorite dress is out of stock & now you are in a pinch.

6. ALWAYS CHECK THE SIZE CHART. ALWAYS. Never assume && do your homework. It will save on hassle, returns && frustration. Size chart never lies & ultimately gets us in our best look fast.

Follow this chart below if you would like to measure yourself to know your true style. It will help understand as to why some pieces that don’t fit, are just sitting in your closet. Properly sized clothes = happiness && continuous wear.

As always, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need help.
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