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Micro Stitch Mending Gun

Micro Stitch Mending Gun

Amazon Find! 

Another incredible Amazon find, amazing what’s easily available at a fingertip reach.

You know when your mama used to say…you can’t wear that, it’s too low, come here let me put a pin in it? And then you have all these traumatic replays in your head about the time she stuck your skin trying to hide the pin but close the gap?

Well, PIN NO MORE. This little thing will put a small little stitch where you need tack a shirt, hem a pant, fix a low dress…all the things!!!
Invisible stitch & no popping out a silver pin to make you look like you have an extra dimple.

It’s been a game changer for formal events, get this, you’ll use it more than you realize.

  • Kit contains-micro stitch tool with needle 1080 micro fasteners (black and white) and instructions
  • The smallest tack and smallest needle available
  • Small, extra-fine needle is gentle on fabric

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